Friendly Experiments

by Istvan Medgyesi

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This is a collection of impromptu tracks from a series of recording sessions in 2007. The idea was to go in with a really loose framework of song arrangements that would be explored by whoever came into the studio at any given time. I wanted to utilize stylistic variations of familiar presentation and progressions, explore modality, drone, and texture, and allow the music to unfold from calm to chaos.


released July 11, 2007

Recorded 2007 @ 5/5 Studio
Painesville, OH
Engineered by Matt Lucy & Istvan Medgyesi
Mixed by Istvan Medgyesi



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Istvan Medgyesi Cleveland, Ohio

Inspired by a wide range of music, you can hear the echoes of an array of American musical traditions intertwined with modal explorations and occasional forays into noise and drone.


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Track Name: Morning, Morning
Morning, morning
Feel so lonesome in the morning
Morning, Morning
Morning brings me grief

Sunshine, Sunshine
Sunshine laughs upon my face
And the secret of the shining
Puts me in my running place

Evening, Evening
Feel so lonesome in the evening
Evening, Evening
Evening brings me grief

Moonshine, Moonshine
Moonshine dots the hills with grace
And the glory of the shining
Seems to break my simple faith

Nighttime, nighttime
Feel so lonesome in the nighttime
Nighttime, nighttime
Does not bring me to relief

Starshine, starshine
Chills the moon upon my cheek
Starshine, starshine
Darling kiss me as I weep
Track Name: I Knew This Girl
I knew this girl she was a friend of mine
She used to sleep all day
Last time we met she had ceased all her smiling
Said her love had gone astray
And the lashes fell out of her eyes as she cried
You know they all got stuck in the drain
My feet got soaked in the flood of her tears
And I swear that I could hear her sayin

I can’t help but wonder
What if the clouds never roll away
I said be still don’t blow your cover
Cause it looks like its gonna be a rainy day

When she told me all that went wrong
She thought that I would lend my hand
It made her sick to hear that godamn song
You know that I could understand
And the tune wound its sound around the drum of my ear
With a melody of heartbreak and theft
She spoke in a small child’s voice
Using all the strength that she had left

Sayin I can’t help but wonder
What if the wind never blew my way
It just seems to take our lovers
And leave us cleaning up the mess that they made

Her arms you know they hung so low
That her fingers dug deep in the ground
A lazy star came into her eyes an hour ago
She said I’m really glad to have you around
And when all those secret words were spoke
In a premeditated defense
It seemed a lot like a tasteless joke
Played out at my expense

And I can’t help but wonder
What if the moon never showed his face
Would these roots just tear asunder
And swallow me up to leave no trace